Friday, 14 April 2017

H1B Visa Rejection Reasons in USA

Are you going to apply for H1B Visa in USA ? Do you want Important Tips to get Approved your H1B Visa ?

Here is the solution for you....

H1B Visa is mostly depends on candidates given Information, Visa Requirements, Documentation and candidates answers. Lots of people are suffering from H1B Visa Rejection, Reasons behind H1B Visa Rejections is lack of knowledge about H1B Visa Requirements and documentation.

There are following Reasons Main behind H1B Visa Rejections:

  • When petitioning Employer’s failure to meet requirement
  • Inadequate showing of employee/employer relationship
  • Based on worker-beneficiary lack of specialized knowledge or skills
  • Employee inadmissibility
  • Evidence request is the most common point for the H1B Rejection
  • Poor presentation during H-1B visa interview

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There are following Top Reasons behind H1B Visa Rejections:

  • The position offered to a candidate is not a specialty occupation
  • The position is not the position which the petitioner claims for
  • The petitioning employer will not be the true employer

The other Reasons behind the H1B Rejections are:

  •  No real ties to their home country
  •  Consular misunderstandings or lack of knowledge
  •  Affiliation with bad profile
  •  Previous long-term visits to the U.S. or away from their native country
  •  Changing status
  •  Other relatives who are currently residing in the U.S.
  •  Pending or previous denied petition / application
  •  Criminal records
  •  Failure to provide proper documentation

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