Tuesday, 21 February 2017

H1B Visa Jobs in USA

Want to find best suitable H1B Visa jobs in USA this blog will helps you a lot to find one of the best suitable jobs for your profile.

Following are the query of H1B Visa holder:

>> How to apply for H1B Visa jobs
>> Where to apply for the jobs
>> Confused about the work permit in USA
>> Don't have information on H1B Visa
>> Want a tips for H1B Visa etc.

Here you will find all the details at Optnation.

Optnation is an job portal which provide job training and placement to the international students in USA which are on H1B Visa, F1 Visa, OPT, CPT, EAD permit in USA.

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H1B Visa Jobs at Optnation

Optnation has large collaboration with organization that collaboration helps international students to get the list of available job vacancies in USA. That will be very helpful to get hired in USA.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How International Students Get Jobs In USA

Want a job in USA ? Are you confused about How International Students Get Job in USA ?

Here you get your answer about ...

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How International Students Get Job in USA With Optnation:

Optnation is very large job portal which provides relevant profiles and provides jobs across all the industry levels. People with both experience and inexperience can find jobs on OPT Nation across entire United States. Optnation provide support for internships, work placements, and Entry Level Jobs, Career Related Training, Interview Tips, Visa Tips, Career Tips etc.

OPT Nation is the Reputed Search Engine for Finding the Best Jobs on Keywords like: 

OPT Jobs, CPT Jobs, BA training, QA training, IT training, Technical Training, Junior QA/BA, ETL Tester, Project Manager, EDI Analyst, Data Analyst, IT Security Analyst, SQL Developer, Web Developer, DBAs, Software Developer, Desktop Support Analyst, Data Warehouse Testers, Mobile App Developer/Tester, Java Developer, Automation Engineer, System Administrator, Solution Architect, SharePoint Developer, Programmer Analyst, Sales Force Developer, etc. 

The auto-complete on the job title helps the candidate look for the various other kinds of job designation as well.

OPT Nation Provides The Guidelines and Career Advice daily posted to keep candidates informed for important topics such as:
  • F1-visa seeking for OPT/CPT Job. 
  • Tips are provided for the aspiring candidates aiming for H1B Visa. 
  • Help on various topics related to career for the international students 
  • The articles on the latest news regarding the issues related to F1 visa, 
  • Interview queries, 
  • H1B process, 
  • H1B visa work status, 
  • OPT and CPT 

Resume Blast Service:

Optnation also help in providing your resume to multiple employers attention by Blast Resume where your resume will be sent to thousands of hiring professionals and employers and helps OPT/CPT students to get noticed. Resume boosting will increase the visibility of the resume under the recruiters. The interested candidates have to give the information like name and the number to get contacted by the experts.OPT Nation also provides different services for the job seekers searching for jobs like Priority Resume to highlight their resume and be on top in the resume list. You resume will be highlighted and appear at the top of the resume list.

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