Wednesday, 17 May 2017

CPT Jobs in USA

What is CPT jobs in USA ?
CPT Means Curricular Practical Training in USA CPT is temporary employment authorization for F-1 visa non-immigrant foreign students in the United States while enrolled in a college-level degree program. 

It allows F-1 international students to participate in paid off-campus academic internships during their degree program. The main aim is to use the skills obtain during the course of study. Unlike Optional Practical Training, Curricular Practical Training is restricted to be completed before graduation. But just like OPT; it can be carried out in part time or full time. Students appear for part time Curricular Practical Training during their classes while in the vacations they take up the full time Curricular Practical Training. Working less that 20 hours in a week comes under the part time while working for more than 40 hours forms the full time.

The maximum duration for the Curricular Practical Training 12 months, exact one academic year. If the student has utilized his entire 12 months Curricular Practical Training duration then he/she becomes ineligible for the OTP but with the part time Curricular Practical Training and duration still left to be completed, anyone can apply for Opt jobs in USA. 

If you are doing MBA, you may not work for more than 9 months in order to be eligible for 11 months of OPT.

Major points to be eligible for undertaking the CPT are:-
1. Holder of F-1 visa
2. Compulsory enrolled at a University
3. CPT is for the majors
4. The credits are added to the degree

There are two variations in the CPT:-
1. Non required for academic- the practical work experience is for credit and directly related to your field of study.
2. Required for academic – non-academic program mandates practical work experience in the field of study to graduate.

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